Saturday, April 25, 2020

An Opportunity You Don't Want to Miss!!!!

     I am a Mary Kay Consultant and have been for the past year. I love beauty, skincare, and makeup.  I love making a difference in all of the  women I meet.  Unfortunately, for the past month we have been under quarantine order due to COVID.  This is really hard for me because, I'm not able to do facials with my clients as usual. I had to make some shifts and Mary Kay Corporate has made some shifts too. Get this: Our starter kit is usually $100 but now from April to May, you can signup with Mary Kay eStart for only $30 (valued at $69.95).  How awesome is that?
     Okay so here's what you get when you sign up with Mary eStart you get a personalized website for 1 year ( a $30 value).  You also get access to your back office at Mary Kay Intouch which has tons of resources for you.  You get a FREE mobile app that allows you to sell anytime anywhere.  If you're not sure what to do, there is step by step online education to help you grow as you go. Additionally there are digital marketing tools and customer support.

    The $100 Starter kit is still an option as well.  This kit includes retailed sized products and samples (valued at $400).  Clients love being pampered with our products in the privacy of their own home. My consultations with my clients are personal and I am able to connect with them one on one. You'll have access to digital marketing tools, literature and educational materials. Also, you'll have access to your back office, customer support, and online learning tools.

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