Friday, February 28, 2020

Tighten Your Pores while getting The Ultimate Selfcare!!!!

     A friend of mine told me about Indian Healing Clay as a facial mask. Well I wasn't sold at all. I mixed the clay equal parts with water and nothing really happened. So it's been on my shelf in my bathroom tucked away with all the other products that I purchase. Well I have been noticing that my pores are rather large but I don't want to spend a lot of money.  So I pulled out that clay. Instead of using water, this time I used raw apple cider vinegar. It started reacting as I mixed it. A little skeptical, I smooth it all over my face. It felt so cool but nothing really happened. As it began to dry, let me tell you, it literally started tightening my skin and pulsating. This took me back to my ancestors somewhere on an indian reservation in Oklahoma. Kidding of course. So I've tried other masks but y'all they have nothing on the experience of this Indian Healing Clay mask. Like, I can't wait to repeat this experience all over again next week.  For that matter over and over and over again. I will give myself and my skin the pampering, love, and care it deserves with this Indian Healing Clay mask.

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